At the end of the nineties, a glass wall was installed as a protection against wind and rain in front of the funeral parlour of the graveyard of the Tiefenbach community of Crailsheim. In 2007, the artwork was materialised on this glass front. Initiating from a poem of the author and lyric poet Franz Werfel (1890- 1945), a fine transparent to translucent layer, not permitting a clear separation between before and behind, between inside and outside, emerged by sandblasting.

photos by Rolf Nikel

angelika-weingardt_crailsheim-tiefenbach angelika-weingardt_crailsheim-tiefenbach2 angelika-weingardt_crailsheim-tiefenbach3 angelika-weingardt_crailsheim-tiefenbach4 angelika-weingardt_crailsheim-tiefenbach5 angelika-weingardt_crailsheim-tiefenbach6