The Hohen Luckow community is located approx. 25 km south of Rostock. The Protestant church was built at the beginning of the 14th century and baroquised later. 1995, the artistic concept covering all seven windows was worked out. It was realised step by step until the year 2014.

photo 3 by Rolf Nikel, all others by Cynthia Kehoe

angelika-weingardt_hohen-luckow angelika-weingardt_hohen-luckow2 angelika-weingardt_hohen-luckow3 angelika-weingardt_hohen-luckow4 angelika-weingardt_hohen-luckow5 angelika-weingardt_hohen-luckow6 angelika-weingardt_hohen-luckow7 angelika-weingardt_hohen-luckow8



exterior view



brightly lit