On the occasion of the 200 years “Nassauische Union” and the 500 years Reformation, two jubilee windows, designed by Angelika Weingardt, were installed in the Unionskirche. The artist has taken the palm, a small detail from the highly decorated church, as the main motif for the windows. The contrasting growing directions of the trees are reflecting theological discussions, characterized by their completely opposing standpoints. Even more central, however, is the idea behind the upturned tree; the impossible juxtaposition, it seems, as an annotation to an architectural and conceptual building of the 17th century. The windows draw attention to the unwieldiness of the gospels which shy away from a logical image of God and the world. In a comprehensive sense, the windows describe what was already formulated in the wellknown statement from the 4th century, accredited to various ancient theologians: “credo quia absurdum – I believe because it is absurd”.

Fotos Julian Salamon