The neoromantic structure of the Matthäuskirche in Stuttgart was heavily damaged during the second world war. The destroyed and afterwards bricked up South rosette was opened again in 2009. A competition was launched to envisage a design for the 4.80m diameter circular architectural glazed element. The entry for this competition employs the given circle, the formative element of the architecture. The graphical basis of the design, with it’s overlapping concentric circles, is visually associated with the lower series of arched windows. The fact, that the centres of the circles are set purposely, slightly askew against one another, causes a Moire effect, which appears in the eye of the moving viewer. The whole area is sectioned by a steel construction made of circular segments. The draft has not been realised.

angelika-weingardt_matthaeuskirche angelika-weingardt_matthaeuskirche2 angelika-weingardt_matthaeuskirche3